40 Days to a More Balanced YOU!


Friends! I have been working on my first ever eBook, and it has arrived! It has been my dream to write a book since I first read books to my stuffed animals at 4 years old. Now in my 30s, I am finally letting go of my fears of vulnerability and have written one just for you!

What is this book all about, you ask? It is a 40-day guide to creating a more balanced and joyous lifestyle. In this day and age, we are pulled in so many directions to be 100% healthy, fit, happy, perfect, sexy, you name it. We have begun to believe in a polarized lifestyle; that you are either all-the-way healthy or all-the-way unhealthy. But instead, could we just give ourselves a break? Can we instead choose a balanced lifestyle, one that includes yoga and wine, and everything in between? I truly believe we each have an innate desire to live a balanced life, and my book can help you re-discover that inner truth.

​Learn all about the Balanced Wheel of a joyous life, exclusively in my eBook, and more.


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